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Adult Bite Correction

Bite correction takes at least a year and often several years

Bite correction is required for at least 50% of the adult population of our country. Aesthetic dentistry was actively developed only 15-20 years ago, along with the advent of painless treatment technologies and modern anesthesia. Prior to this, the only reason to go to the dentist was toothache.

Unfortunately, malocclusion does not only affect the appearance, but also destroys the digestive system. Improper and insufficient chewing of food leads to gastritis, and then to an ulcer. Proper nutrition is powerless before a malocclusion. Fortunately, you can fix it at any age.

The most common malocclusion in adults:

  • Teeth protrude forward or come back, rotated around its axis
  • Tooth surface abrasion
  • Interdental space
  • Pain in the temporomandibular joint (pain, click, crunch) when opening the mouth.
Closeup Young Woman Checking Her Braces, Smiling

Why braces?

From the age of 12, various braces are used to correct teeth. If children’s teeth are easily corrected by temporarily wearable devices, then permanent teeth are corrected for a long time by constant exposure. The braces system is the only way to correct an occlusion in adulthood.

What bracket systems exist?


It’s the oldest and most economical variety made from stainless steel or titanium. They have a large selection of devices for solving various problems with bite – they give good results, but are slightly more noticeable in comparison with other types of braces. They can be decorated with colored pebbles and figures, which gives them an interesting look and can cheer up the person who wears them.


Due to the high cost of the material, they are used for allergies to other types of metals or, if the owner wishes, to emphasize their status.


These are light and inconspicuous braces to correct small distortions. They have less strength than metals, but are almost invisible on the teeth. The disadvantage of this system is that the plastic is painted with tea, coffee or colored soda.


These are one of the most expensive and aesthetic systems. Braces match in tone with the enamel of the teeth, which makes the braces almost invisible. Due to the design features they require longer wear than metal.


It’s one of the varieties of ceramic braces where a sapphire polymer crystal is used as the main material. It gives transparency and dullness, does not stain and looks very attractive.


It’s an unusual bracket system attached to the inside of the teeth. The high cost is due to the complexity of manufacturing and installation. Such braces are absolutely not visible to others; they are used to correct complex deformations, for example, a “deep” bite. They also for some time create impairment of diction, as they change the structure of the speech apparatus. It takes 1-2 weeks to get used to them.       

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