Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

What are Dental Bridges?

A bridge is a restoration that is used to replace an area of missing dentition. If a tooth has been removed or has fallen out, it should be replaced to restore functionality to your smile. Likewise, you may feel badly about your appearance because of a missing tooth. A bridge can be made specifically for you so that it looks seamless, and it’ll last for years without needing special care.

Why are Dental Bridges needed?

The reason a dental bridge is often needed is because you’re missing a tooth. The tooth that is missing can easily be replaced with this fixed restoration. Bridges serve two different functions when placed in the mouth. First, they help to restore functionality, making it easier to eat and chew. Secondly, they are a cosmetic choice for improving the look of your smile.

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Who is a candidate for Dental Bridges?

We can examine your teeth to determine if you might need a bridge. Most patients who need a bridge should have the restoration placed as soon as possible. The reason for this is because the surrounding teeth can begin to shift until the bridge is put into place. Bridges can last for years because they are made using high-quality and durable materials.

What happens during the procedure for Dental Bridges?

The first step will be to anesthetize the area to numb it. We then contour the two surrounding teeth so that there is enough room for the bridge to be placed on top. Once this is done, we will take impressions of the area and use these to make your new bridge. The dental bridge is then placed at a second visit. The bridge is adjusted down to ensure a proper bite and fit. You will leave the office loving the way that your smile looks because of the new restoration.

If you think you might need or want a dental bridge, call our office today at 858-350-9977, and we can get you in as soon as possible for an appointment.