Sedation (Sleep) Dentistry

Sedation (Sleep) Dentistry

What is Sedation (Sleep) Dentistry?

Being fearful of the dentist is completely normal. You may find that you dread your checkup appointments and you may even put off seeking treatment because of this anxiety. Our goal is to provide you with optimal care so that your time with us is comfortable and relaxed. We offer a variety of sedative options to meet your needs and help keep you calm during your appointments.

Why is Sedation (Sleep) Dentistry needed?

Sedation is ideal for patients of all ages. We carefully administer and monitor sedatives as they are being given to our patients. Some reasons you might consider sedation dentistry include:

  • You are extremely nervous or afraid of coming to the office
  • You suffer panic attacks during treatment
  • You have trouble sitting still in the dental chair
  • You have a disability that makes it difficult for you to receive care
  • Your child shows extreme fear over the dental office
  • You’d rather not remember the appointment after it’s done
  • You need more invasive work to be done, like oral surgery
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Who is a candidate for Sedation (Sleep) Dentistry?

We review all of your health and medical history to determine if you’re a good candidate for sedation. Most people who want or need sedation can safely have it administered in our office. Depending on the type of sedative being used, we will recommend that you have a friend or relative take you to the visit and bring you home from your appointment. This is simply because it’s unsafe for you to drive on your own.

What happens during Sedation (Sleep) Dentistry?

We first consult with you to determine the sedative of choice that’s best suited to your needs. With nitrous oxide, a small mask is placed over your nose while you breathe in the sweet-smelling gas. This puts you into a deeply relaxed state until the mask is removed. Oral conscious sedation is a pill that you may take about an hour before your appointment. This pill helps to relax you while having work done. These options are carefully monitored and administered to each of our patients.

If you think you might need or want sedation dentistry, call our office today at 858-350-9977, and we can help to get you in for a convenient appointment.