Can Infants Suffer From Gum Disease

Which Oral Health Problems are Common among Children

Which Oral Health Problems Are Common Among Children

Think your babies are safe from oral problems? Well, they are not. You might not even realize it, but your kids are under a constant threat of dental problems. That is why the most reputable dentists always suggest that you start taking your kid to a pediatric dentist as soon as they turn three.

Several factors might be negatively impacting your child’s dental health.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to discourage your child from activities that affect their health negatively. Here is a list of the common oral health problems that your child might fall victim to!

Nursing Bottle Syndrome

The nursing bottle syndrome or the baby bottle tooth decay is common among infants. Many babies fall asleep with un-swallowed milk in their mouth, which paves the way for tooth decay. The children who frequently consume sugary drinks such as juices, flavored milk, or sugar water are at the highest risk of nursing bottle syndrome.

In cases where the problem stays unnoticed, it can cause pain in the teeth of babies. Moreover, this problem can even negatively affect the alignment of the permanent teeth. Crowded and crooked teeth are the two most common effects of nursing bottle syndrome.

Which Oral Health Problems Are Common Children
Which Oral Health Problems Are Common Among Childrens

Thumb Sucking

Most of the kids, especially during infancy, have a habit of sucking their thumbs or any other thing they find attractive. The habit is a source of comfort for the kid and is a healthy habit. However, you must discourage your kids from thumb sucking before they turn five. Thumb sucking beyond the age of five can create problems in permanent teeth. Problems such as misalignment, overbites, and bad speech are a result of thumb sucking. You must stop your kids from sucking their thumbs before it is too late!

Tongue Thrusting

The habit of sealing the mouth while wallowing food by thrusting the tongue forward against the lips is tongue thrusting. It exerts pressure on the front teeth, which results in misalignment in teeth and overbite. It might even affect the speech and pronunciation of a kid.

Lip Sucking

Lip sucking is another common dental problem in kids. It is the habit of holding the lower lip beneath the upper teeth. It causes the same issues in kids as thumb sucking, such as overbite and misalignment in teeth.

These problems are prevalent among kids and can pave the way for early tooth loss in them. These can create life-long issues that might affect a child’s ability to smile and can even strip them of their confidence.

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