Urich Dental has been based in Solana Beach since 2001.

Our mission at Urich Dental is to keep your teeth and gums healthy, prevent dental problems, and enhance your smile for beauty and confidence. Looking forward to seeing you at Urich Dental. 

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Dr. David Urich, DDS

Dental Cleanings

Maintain the glow and health of your smile with annual dental exams & cleanings.

TMJ Therapy

Do you suffer from stiff necks, aching jaws, sensitive teeth, and headaches?

Smile Makeovers

Restore your confidence and show off your new smile with our smile makeovers.

Need help with your sleep apnea?

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Dr. David F. Urich – Dentist & Owner

Dr. David Urich has provided exceptional dental care throughout Solana Beach for over 18 years.

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Tomas Abbar Product Manager

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