Snap On Smiles

Snap On Smiles

What are Snap On Smiles?

Snap On Smiles are a revolutionary new way to completely transform your smile. You can have a custom-made denture-like smile made just for you. This smile snaps into place and stays put while you have it in. It can cover an imperfect smile without the expense and time of having to go for other cosmetic procedures.

Why are Snap On Smiles needed?

Snap On Smiles are ideal for patients who want to cover up their imperfect and flawed smile. You may not want to go for more invasive procedures, so Snap On Smiles is the choice for you. These custom-made smiles are comfortable to wear and can be taken out at any time. They simply cover your existing teeth without needing to do any type of work beforehand.

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Who is a candidate for Snap On Smiles?

Virtually anyone who wants a Hollywood smile is a candidate for Snap On Smiles. If you’re not a candidate for bridges and implants or if you’re simply looking for an easier way to improve your appearance, Snap On Smiles is right for you. We often recommend Snap On Smiles for people wanting a dramatic change to their smile without having to get any work done whatsoever.

What is the procedure for Snap On Smiles?

The first step is to come in and have impressions taken. These impressions are used to make your very own Snap On Smiles. We can help in choosing the shade that is right for you so that the new appliance doesn’t look out of place. You will then come in for a second appointment later on for a Snap On Smile fitting. We can adjust the way the smile fits and sits before you leave the office. You can then place and remove your Snap On Smile at virtually any time. Keeping the smile clean is as easy as brushing your own teeth or soaking it in denture solution overnight.

If you are interested in Snap On Smiles and want to learn more about this cosmetic option, call us today and we can get you in for a consultation.