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TMJ Solutions

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If you suffer from any of these problems, you should know about Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition Tension Suppression System®

“NTI” refers to the nocturnal inhibition of the harmful sensory input to the Trigeminal Nerve. The NTI device is a dental mouthpiece that a trained dentist provides for the patient. The NTI fits securely on either the patient’s upper or lower front teeth while asleep. The patient’s unique bite dictates the design of the NTI device.

The NTI device inhibits the canine and molar teeth from touching anything during sleep. This reduces the pathological intensity of jaw clenching and teeth grinding and prevents any resultant TMD or headaches.

The traditional treatment for bruxism has been an occlusal guard (night guard) – a plastic appliance worn in the mouth similar to an athletic mouth protector, which covers the teeth of one arch, which allows the patient to bite on plastic so there is no tooth-to-tooth contact while biting.

It is key that the molars and canines do not touch anything in order to sufficiently reduce jaw clenching. While both devices protect the teeth from wear, the NTI will also prevent TMD and headache pain by preventing canine and molar contact.